House Rules

While the campaign and character creation are based solidly in a D&D v.3.5 d20 system, we have implemented some house rules. These are for the sole purpose of making the game move a little faster and make things easier for both player and DM.

Combat damage (Strain vs. Injury)

  • Damage to a player during combat is classified as Strain, meaning that when you are struck by an opponent during combat, you tire from exertion or deflected blows. This may result in cuts and bruises, but not lethal damage. Once you reach zero hit points, you are unconscious and standard rules apply.
  • Damage to a player as a result of Critical Hits is classified as Injury, implying that more serious damage has occurred, such as broken bones, sliced arteries, etc. Once you reach zero hit points, you are unconscious and standard rules apply.


  • After combat ends, there is a five minute Rest and Refit period during which players will tend to simple wounds and regain their stamina. All damage classified as Strain is healed.
  • Any damage classified as Injury is not healed during the Rest and Refit, and must be healed through magic or through standard heal rates (1 HP/8 hour rest period).

Special Attacks

When two players and an opponent are all adjacent (5 ft reach), one player can aid the other during their attack or when they are being attacked. The aiding player must make an attack roll vs. DC 10 to succeed. The following are acceptable actions:

  • Aid Attack : A player can aid another in his/her attack on an opponent by harrying the target. Attacking player gets +2 to hit for the turn.
  • Aid Defense : A player can come to the aid of another player who is being attacked by an opponent. Attacked player gets +2 AC for the turn.

Defined as a Standard Action, you are allowed to Aid Defense or Attack once per round in lieu of your own attack, and cannot be made for a character whose turn comes before yours, as it must be resolved by the end of the round and the aid would never occur.

Combat Reactions

Attacks of Opportunity count as a Combat Reaction, and you are allowed one per round. You gain an additional Combat Reaction when your BAB reaches +6, another at +11, etc.

House Rules

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