Yankles "Yanew" Dankus

Not your usual Forest Gnome


Name: Yanew Dankus

Nickname(s): “Standingthunder”, The Yan", “Tremblebush”, “Naf Tard”, “Yanew the Glorious”, “Wink”, “Lil whip”, “WeeCunt”, “Slip”, “Dafuckerstabdme”

Race: Gnome

Sub-Race: Forest Gnome

Age: 102 years old (Young ish for a gnome)

Height: 2 foot 11 and one half inches


A Work in progress

Yanew Dankus Is a Forest Gnome. A point fiercely argued by the Clan Dankus. Standing nearly a foot shorter than all of the Dankus, Yanew stood out. Many of the Forest Gnome believe Yanew’s mother an odd one. Her habit of keeping to the outskirts of Forest Gnome village wasn’t so bad. But, she would talk to strangers. She was clearly insane in the eyes of the Dankus clan and was generally ignored by everyone. When dressed in Custom fitted dark green trews, a close fitting black shirt and an equally fitted black cloak, Yanew looked more like a human than of the Dankus clan. Forest Gnomes are a gentle folk and they gossip like rabbits fuck. There isn’t one thing that happens in the forest that is talked about in the Dankus clan village. and if nothing was happening , the little bastards would make shit up. One subject of delight told of Yanuw’s mother. It was believed she did more than talk with these strangers, a horrifying thought to the highly reclusive Forest Gnome. They saw Yanew’s incredible height and soft brown features, though very pleasing to the eye of the men and women of the village, not of the Forest Gnome blood. Tainted blood not to be trusted. Yanew could move through the forest with grace and beauty unequaled among the Dankus clan. And so, envied and shunned, Yanew was rarely welcome in the village. But being unwelcome and not allowed are totally different states of being. Yanew was often seen running from the scene of some artful prank, nothing could dissuade the Clan’s suspicions. Yanew was left to the forest and, the company of strangers. Yanew’s pleasing features and Gnome skills soon became a way of not only earning a fair wage with little effort, but an opportunity to live and learn from the strangers. Soon, Yanew found traveling to the liking and enjoyed the attention drawn from being The Stranger in a Strange Land. And so Yanew fucked off with new friends.

Yankles "Yanew" Dankus

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