Rafn Mjölnir


Male Human Barbarian

Alignment : Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Thor
Age: 16
Height: 6’ 4"
Weight: 195 lb.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin: Light


Born the son of a shield maiden and the village oracle,
Rafn Mjölnir, was so named because on his birth a large
raven flew over the gathering and dropped the head of a
hammer pendant at his mother’s feet. Some say it was
Thor himself that flew over the merry group. He has worn
the hammer head around his neck since that day.

Rafn was always the wanderer. From the time he could
walk, he always challenged the limit of his boundaries.
After a short time, his mother stopped reigning him in, so
off he went on small adventures.

On one such adventure, when Rafn was eight, he had
gone missing for a few days when a search party was
dispatched by the Jarl. One leg of the group spotted ravens
circling in the air above. They feared that it portend Rafn’s
inevitable, demise. However, on investigation, they found
Rafn alive sharing the carcase of a wild boar that Rafn
apparently killed with a hammer.

Rafn quickly grew tall and strong and was sent on his first
raid at 16. Perhaps Thor angered Ægir, so Ægir displayed
his wrath by capsizing the entire raiding party. Rafn’s
strong swimming and constitution allowed him to survive
and reach land, but Rafn now finds himself alone in a
foreign land.

Rafn Mjölnir

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