Janko Winterthorn


Strength: 16
Dexterity: 17
Constitution 11
Intelligence: 11
Wisdom 15
Charisma 9

Alignment : Chaotic Neutral


Janko’s mother (Lisenka) died in childbirth, she was a farmers daughter in the small farming village of Shroudbreak. She was unusually clever for her societal standing, and thankfully some of her quick-wittedness passed down into Janko. His elven father, Orrian Dorra, had stopped by the small village many times before, as it was a convenient stopping point whenever he had to travel into the city. After many attempts throughout the years he finally got Lisenka drunk enough on a notoriously strong elven cocktail of mule piss, rubbing alcohol, and maraschino cherries for a decent bout in the hay. Throughout the years Orrian would stop into the village and chat with Janko; teach him elven, how to string a bow, how to massage his ear points which he later found out was a significant way to stimulate himself. These visits came at the expense of Jankos chores, which usually resulted in a severe punishment dolled out by his grandfather who blamed Orrian for the death of his beloved daughter, understandably so. Finally after one unusually lengthy visit where Orrian explained he was being sent to a foreign land for battle and wouldn’t be returning again, giving Janko words he would later hold incredibly close to him “Just keep moving on Janko, forwards and onwards always.” Janko had failed to monitor any of the barn animals for that entire day, this resulted in one of the worst beatings his grandfather ever gave him. This was the straw that broke his back. It was time to take his father’s advice and move forward. He left in the night taking his grandfather’s prized breeding horse, Xavier, he cared for Xavier throughout his life and the pair got along famously.

Once leaving home he took the name Winterthorn, He chose to live in solitude, during the winter months, living solely off the land, focusing on his training and meditation. After many years of this there was an especially brutal winter, where he was forced to kill Xavier for food and warmth, the decision was one that he would later realize allowed him to survive, but devastated him. That winters meditation caused him to embrace the brutality that is nature, everything must end and until then you must move on, and that nobody but yourself will take care of you. That was the last winter he spent on his own. Spring came around and with a new sense of adventure, Janko picked up with a band of mercenaries after proving his proficiency with his bow. In this group is where he was educated in the powers of cold hard steel and more importantly cold hard cash. He was able to treat himself with luxuries he never previously indulged in like clothes, women, liquor, especially liquor. After booze got him into to trouble on more than one occasion he was abandoned again by his mercenary group.

He began freelancing odd jobs, farm hand, hunting group leader, the odd assassination here and there, competing in bow competitions, anything for his next sip and a comfortable bed to lie in. Always moving forward, towards the adventure or payday whatever came first.

Janko Winterthorn

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