Baronk is an Orc who was found beaten and injured in a secret space in the complex, cowering in fear from the party.

When questioned, he admitted that he was the cook for the Orc contingency at the complex, and had been left to die of thirst and/or starvation because he burned dinner. Under threat he offered up the name of the Orc commander,Ushnar, only saying that he was very strong. Baronk was unable to say how many Orcs there were in the complex, or their exact location other than “below”.

When threatened with abandonment to his fate in the empty cell, he clung at the feet of Janko, only to recognize him with horror. “I know you!” he said, and cowered in the corner of his cell, refusing to talk any further. Left alone with David and bribed with a meal of hard tack, he said that he had seen “that Ranger” kill many orcs outside, but was unable to provide any more details. Janko had no idea who the Orc was referring to, but it certainly wasn’t him.

Baronk was left in his cell after he proffered nothing more.



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